A Biotech Company Focused On Research And Development Of Medical And Health Care Innovations

    Cleobrothers & Company, Inc. moves to new Columbus location

    Cleobrothers Corporate Headquarters Columbus

    Columbus, OH, August 3, 2016 – Cleobrothers & Co., Inc. announced today that it that it moved to a new location at 4449 Easton Way, Columbus, OH 43219. Mr. Innocent Nweze, Cleobrothers CEO, said, “We are excited about our new Global Headquarters location. Easton Way is an excellent location from where we will manage our commercial operations worldwide.”

    Cleobrothers & Co., Inc. is Columbus based biotechnology company focused on researching and developing medical and healthcare innovations that are dedicated to helping people worldwide live better lives. The company currently has a portfolio of over-the-counter (OTC) cold relief and decongestant medications and over 80 Specialty Dermatology/Personal Skin Care Productsalong with a pipeline of two first-in-class technologies — a 24/7 Pregnancy Monitoring Technology and a new Combination Pharmaceuticals for management of Type-2 Diabetes.

    For more information about Cleobrothers and Co., Inc. visit www.cleobrothers.com